John Davidson - September 10, 2017

The Ministry of Jesus: The 7 Woes Pt. 2

This week Pastor John continues looking at Matthew 23:13,15 in part II of The 7 Woes message from our Ministry of Jesus series.  He examines the first two woes (accusations) that Jesus makes against the Pharisee's and scribes and looks at how the behavior and attitudes of these men exposed their outward religious appearances as a fraud. This should lead us to examine our own lives to find the ways in which we, more often than we care to admit, say one thing and yet do another.  Hypocrisy is a dangerous thing and yet we can be encouraged that God is never done sanctifying us!  He will finish the work that He has started in us as we continue to yield to Him.

Scripture References: Matthew 23:13-15

From Series: "The Ministry of Jesus"

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