Church Membership

Why Church Membership?

We live in an age where church authority is mocked and treated with contempt. The biblical counsel of the leaders that have been specifically called by Jesus Himself to guide, rebuke, discipline, encourage and train the body of Christ are often treated as mere suggestions and/or throw-away advice. The Lord has ordered all of creation, marriage, and morality. There is even order in the Trinity. God’s Holy Church is no different. Just like the Old Covenant before it, The Lord compares His Church to a marriage relationship, and therefore entering into the visual membership of His church should be entered with the same commitment and love. Just as a vow is spoken to uphold our marriage responsibilities, so becoming a member of a God honoring local Church must be entered with the same level of commitment. In the age of Church dating, the exciting infatuation of church hopping has become a deadly and destructive force on God’s people and Church. We have become unfaithful both to God and each other. Church membership is vital because it is designed to place the importance of faithful nurture, care, love and respect for the people God has called you to serve with back into focus.

Requirements for Becoming a Member

  • “The Way of the Master” Evangelism Training. This course consists of 6 class periods and is designed to equip the Christian with the necessary tools to be faithful in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • “Theology and Biblical Doctrine” This is a course consisting of two class periods where you will learn some of the most important Doctrines of the Christian faith. This class is designed to strengthen your understanding of God and the work of Jesus Christ. Those that know God best, serve Him best!
  • “Church Life and Vows” This is a course consisting of one class period where you will learn the importance of faithfully serving God and His Church for the purpose of expanding Christ’s Kingdom.