Pastor John Davidson - February 20, 2022

Practical Christian Living "The Christian and Politics" Part III

This week we discuss a very profound biblical truth concerning the government's responsibility to "bear the sword" of God's vengeance on earth. We will discuss why capital punishment for murder and other violent crimes is both just and right, and actually the very specific duty of every government. We will also explore the very dangerous consequences that a nation faces when capital punishment is replaced by incarceration and fines. Is the USA redeemable? Or are we a bloodguilty nation?

Scripture References: Romans 13:1-7

From Series: "The Book of Romans"

In this series we will examine the Christian call, mission and the tenants biblical theology and doctrine as presented in the Book of Romans. We will delve deep into some of the most important truths of God's Word and come to a biblical, practical and sound understanding of the incredible Gospel!

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