Open Shame

Daniel 9:8

Daniel 9:8

8 Open shame belongs to us, O Lord, to our kings, our princes and our fathers, because we have sinned against You.”


Daniel, in his humility before the Lord, knew exactly why Israel had fallen into exile.  It had nothing to do with a lack of military might, national pride, a faltering economy, or a lack of resources.  It was because Israel had embraced and practiced open sinfulness in the place of God honoring righteousness.  From the highest levels of leadership in society to the common man, sin had become the commodity of Israel.  And the consequences were dire indeed.  A fallen, humiliated nation.  Israel lost its homeland, its religious identity and its favor in the sight of God.  Israel lost everything because “open shame” had become their most abundant national export.  Fellow Believer, is the United States any different than Israel before us?  On a national level we own “open shame” as much as any wicked nation ever has.  Perhaps an even more fitting description for America would not be “open shame” but rather, “celebrated shame”.  There is no question that the most abundant commodity in this country is sin.  We trade it, sell it, barter with it.  The unbridled desire for sinful pleasures is what drives the decision making of the vast majority in our society.  It drives our corporations, health care, education, politics, institutions and nearly all facets of our economy.  Drugs, sex, idolatry drives our entertainment industries.  Selfishness and murder drives our abortion industry.  Bitterness, unforgiveness and rabid vengeance drives the race baiting industry.  Pride and perversion drives the LGBTQ industry.  Overall, a hatred of God’s righteous truths are the fuel this country is driven by, and all of this is wrapped up with the main sinful driving force around our entire political and social system; Greed.  We can’t even be sold insurance, food, vehicles or any other thing without also being sold homosexuality, pedophilia, sensuality, drugs, divisiveness, idolatry and endless other sins.  And this open shame has had major consequences.  We are a country in decline, because a country is only as strong and righteous as its individual parts.  The state of the country simply exposes the spiritual state of the individual.  In his sorrow, as Daniel sat alone contemplating all that was lost because of Israel’s unfaithfulness to God, he came to the conclusion that just as national shame starts at the individual level, so does national repentance.  One man, bowing before God, confessing the sins of his nation and his own sins.  This is a great reminder to all of us.  Repentance and humility begins on the individual level before it can ever be experienced in our society.  One humble, repentant man will lead to one humble and repentant family.  A collection of these families will lead to a healthy, humble and obedient local Church.  A collection of God-fearing Churches will lead to a national voice that is firm in the truth and unwavering in the face of depravity and persecution.  While it is right for us to speak out and stand up against the sinful open shame that surrounds us, it is just as important to take an inventory right in the “home” of our own hearts.  What sinful commodity are you and I still trading with on a daily basis?  Which sins have crept into our homes and have caused us to harden our hearts towards the Lord and His Church?  Is there any open shame in your life that you haven’t dealt with?  Animosity, anger, sexual sin, hatred, bitterness or the like?  Dear Brethren in Christ, let’s make today the day that we humbly come before the Lord in repentance so that our hearts, homes and Church can thrive in our obedience and calling as we rest in the Lord’s incredible mercy and grace! 

Yours in Christ,

Pastor John